Bosch Thermotechnology

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“We promise us a significant improvement in ergonomics as well as an increase in efficiency due to the simple integration.”
Armin SchwabPlant Manager Wernau

BOSCH Thermotechnology increases safety and ergonomics with ProGlove

Bosch Thermotechnology is a leading provider of energy efficient, high quality water heating and comfort heating systems. The plant in Wernau works with 400 different serial numbers in only one line, creating a large variety of products. This added complexity should not affect the worker. In order to assist them, Bosch workers use ProGlove for their electronic shift book, in the assembly line, and in logistics. At the packaging station, the worker interacts with the crane, where they need both hands free. By using ProGlove, worker safety is increased while working with these heavy parts.

  • Tact time: 45-120 sec.
  • 12000 scans / shift
  • 50 varieties/ shift/ assembly line