ProGlove wins place at French incubator program “Station F”

ProGlove wins a place at Station F 

4th September 2018
Paris – Through the Access2Europe programme, the Munich-based start-up of the industrial IoT ProGlove is entering Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus in Paris. The intelligent glove company plans to deploy its connected glove in France.

ProGlove connects the human worker to the industrial IoT and allows him to work faster and more ergonomically in production and logistics environments. Since the launch of its first product, MARK, in October 2016, ProGlove has opened an office in Chicago and is now one of Europe’s leading wearable companies for the industry.

The company has reached a new level by being selected for the Access2Europe programme of the French- German Chamber of Commerce, which supports 5 promising European start-ups in their development on the French market. The program based at Station F is carried out in collaboration with the HEC Incubator. “The opportunity to be part of the world’s largest start up accelerator is a great step for us,” said Thomas Kirchner, founder of ProGlove. “Our journey so far has been incredible: We have gone from a simple prototype, made with an old iPod, to a company that supports 250 customers in various industries such as the automotive, e-commerce, aerospace and food industries. France is one of our key markets and we hope to better understand
it through the Access2Europe program at Station F.”

“The Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is proud to support ProGlove in its development in France, through the Access2Europe program, based at Station F in Paris.” says Friedemann Lotz of the Access2Europe programme. “ProGlove is a true German success story in the industry of the future. Given its very strong growth in Europe and the United States and its dynamic team, we are convinced of its potential on the French market.”